Marin Rejuvenation Yoga

Releasing Tension in Mind and Body Nourishes the Soul

I teach Svaroopa® Yoga, a gentle but deep practice that is beneficial for all ages and conditions but is especially helpful for older yogis and for yogis living with chronic pain.  It is also helpful for younger and more flexible yogis and for people who have little or no familiarity with yoga but are interested in a calming experience and an activity that is rejuvenating.     

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 Introductory Svaroopa® Yoga





Wednesdays 6:00 -- 7:30 pm PT                                                                                                                                                   


Svaroopa® Yoga

Release Tension in Body and Mind to Nourish the Soul

Classes start in supported Shavasana with a guided awareness and Ujjayi breathing practice as preparation for asanas that release tension in the muscles connected to the spine.  At the end of class, we do a final Shavasana so that you can intergrate your experience.  The classes lead to a relaxed, rejuvenated body and a calm, centered, connected mind.  Your experience in class  can be used to cultivate a life changing home practice.

About Ron




Yoga has been an anchor of Ron's life for decades.  His studies have included many kinds of asana, pranayama, meditation, and other yoga practices.  He has studied yoga philosophy in depth.  


In 2017, Ron was introduced to Svaroopa® Yoga and was immediately drawn to it and soon it became his home practice. 

In the years since, practicing Svaroopa® has improved his physical well-being, but the more profound change is that contentment is much more present in his life. 

Svaroopa® is a complete yoga system that will reach into your life and support your evolution as a person in body and mind.

In addition to his hundreds of hours of certified teacher training in yoga, Ron is certified to teach Introductory, Level 1 and Level 2 Svaroopa® Yoga.  It is his Dharma to share his experience with his students. 

"...every yogi has grown old, and even though they are in remarkably good health, they still get sick and die...As these inevitable changes come, a yogi can be content with the fact the the physical body he or she has worked so hard to balance and gain subtle control over is really a temporary phenomenon."

Richard Freeman